Artist Haus Street Art


I had an awesome opportunity to create about 6 different pieces of artwork for the new Artist Haus, a salon in the East Falls section of Philly. The owner Mackenzie purchased the building (built around 1870) to create space for her salon but also to create enough space for a future farmers market / taco shop to go adjacent to her salon.

When Mackenzie and I discussed creating a few paintings, we settled on an urban and edgy street art theme that revolved around connection and the idea of the art feeling unfinished. After creating a few interior pieces, Mackenzie approached me with the idea of adding Grace Kelly (an East Falls Model in the 1950’s, a past Princess of Monaco and the name of that beautiful scenic road to the Art Museum) and Harry Prime (40’s pop singer who grew up on the 3rd floor of the building). Like the interior paintings, I created these two in a more photo realistic style but with that unfinished urban and edgy look to finish them off. Our ultimate goal was to bring that known history from East Falls into the present and connecting the two eras with this modern style and rendering. I left pieces of their bodies unfinished to represent that history is never really finished or completed. It is constantly being written. I am totally grateful I had an opportunity to combine these ideas in this moment of history.

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