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About Drew “The Mayor” Montemayor

Drew Montemayor is a Philadelphia based freelance graphic and website designer. For the last 5 years, He has helped create and improve brands through the creation of logos, websites and other graphic material for companies like The Turner Sports Network, Outward Bound, Berkshire Hathaway, HeadRoom, The Happy Pita Food Truck, Seven Mile Sweets, The Home Hero and many more. As much as this has been an enjoyable and successful journey for Drew, he plans to use 2017 as a year to explore his artistic style through painting and illustration.

Currently, this site focuses on Drew’s most recent paintings which he has offered for sale in the form of affordable prints. Most of the current paintings on this site reflect his love for and the inspiration he gets from the local Philadelphia sports teams.

Going forward, Drew’s hope is to continue to create paintings in this style but to also explore his style to not only inspire and lift others up, but to also challenge the norm and to make others think. Drew’s plan is to incorporate some more illustration in this website soon with this idea in mind. He is going to hold himself accountable to this goal so why don’t you follow along, not just to see where he goes with it, but where you can go also. Join the ride.

If you have an idea for an illustration or are interested in a commissioned piece, give Drew a call at 610.496.3318, send an email, or follow him on Instagram as he discovers his style.