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“The Knock Out”


Let’s face it, that Super Bowl victory in SB52 was of epic proportions no matter how you slice it. I started this piece in the beginning of the 2017 season to say just that… without knowing what would become a Super Bowl season! I originally started this painting as Carson Wentz knocking out Dak Prescott…then Wentz went down the day I finished it. I thought it was all over…until Nick Foles came in and did the unthinkable. Called the Philly Special. Led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win. Beat Tom Brady. Say What!?

Loosely based off of the Ali vs. Liston fight, this piece takes an iconic image in history that I reinvented into an original new work of art for all of us that have grown up in Philly and to those who know what it means to be an Eagle fan. There is a lot in this piece and a lot of hidden messages, so take a closer look. You won’t find sports art with this much depth anywhere else.