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BLM Mural


This past May of 2021, we were able to make history with the help of about 100 volunteers by painting a Black Lives Matter Mural in downtown Norristown across from the Courthouse. For those who joined us, they all got to witness and be apart of what happens when we all come together to create a community of listening, healing and openness. Some much needed conversations were had and I believe we were able to really open up the minds and hearts of the surrounding community. Oh…and we ended up with a great mural to represent it all!

We were asked about the possibility of prints of the mural by some of the volunteers. It sounded like some of them wanted a take away item to remember that week. You spoke so we listened and made a print available. We will only be making 125 of these which will be hand numbered directly on the print.

Once again, thanks for all your help in making this happen.